Welcome to the Chiltonville Fly Fishermen Club Website

Established in 2006, The Chiltonville Fly Fishing Club is located in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

A small and exclusive private club tucked away in the backwoods of Chiltonville that has the use of many facilities, trails, streams & out of the way fishing spots. 

Also located on the property is the Gilbert Trout Hatchery, founded in 1869.  Proudly owned and operated by the Nickerson Family since 1912.  As one of the oldest, continously operating hatcheries in the country, Gilbert Trout Hatchery and the Nickerson Family have dedicated their lives to raising Brook, Brown and Rainbow trout. We annually stock all waterways, including all  of our streams and reservoir with our various types of trout.  This ensures bountiful yet challenging fly fishing using barbless hooks only.  

 Limited memberships available for 2016!

To help preserve and protect this magnificent land, conservation restrictions have been set up to guarantee that it remains as serene and  pristine as it was meant to be.

Also on the premises is Black Feather Horse Rescue.  A 501 (c) non-profit organization devoted to the health and healing of abused, ailing and/or neglected animals; particularly horses.


Five unique and interesting fishing areas, a small club house that includes a fire place and wood stove for the hardy winter fishermen. Rustic lodging  is available for those who may be interested.  Many walking trails run throughout the property as well as the use of small boats.  The Chiltonville Fly Fishing Club boasts all seasons fishing, tranquility, and much more!  Please contact Darlene Nickerson for more information at (508) 951-4685.

 Please note that we only have a few limited memberships available in 2016.

If you're interested in membership, would like more information or

a tour of the club, please call 508-951-4685.

Fly Fishing Lesson Program

Guiding and Partial Day Fishing Available

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